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Author Topic: Schneehuhn family  (Read 2031 times)
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« on: March 18, 2012, 04:37:50 AM »

Hello - let me briefly introduce myself first: my main glass interest are paperweights, especially Scottish ones. I do collect other glass as well, however, and this includes a few Toikka birds.

Attached are images of my "Schneehuhn" family. The smaller one in the middle is "Alpenschneehuhn": it is signed "Oiva Toikka, Nuutajärvi" and carries the "Nuutajärvi 1793, Wärtsilä Finland" label on silver foil, is of the correct size - no question about this one.

Then there are the two larger ones, both somewhat smaller than listed in the catalogues: 14.0cm> x 10.8cm^ instead of 15.7cm> x 12.2cm^. Whilst their shape and "outside design" is very similar, what strikes me, is the different "internal colour" seen at the heads (which themselves are clear) - one brownish, one blueish.

The blueish one is signed "Oiva Toikka, Nuutajärvi, Notsjö" (no label).

The brownish one doesn't seem to be signed (signatures are very difficult to see on this colour) and there is no label. I have no doubt, however, it is genuine as well: the entire "family" came from my mother-in-law, who was running a small glass boutique, and will have bought all of them directly from Iittala. Why would it be not signed - a trial piece - or just missed the signature (I own a couple of limited edition Caithness paperweights, which somehow missed the signature)?

Any comment, both on the size or the colouring would be appreciated.

Best regards - Wolf
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